my Secret god

I lived on nectar,
I sucked ambrosia,
Savoring the sweetest
from the deity;
filled with frenzy
I lit up the smoking altars
as I did dance before the
other gods, but my Secret god,
he is a blushing jealous god
who tracked my unknown star
and I, disguised by Heaven
refused his kisses, which he has
avenged with helpless wrath;

blinding every envious human
waging war on him, and I
looking down from across Paradise
how I despise his Heaven, his
challenges and the sky mean
nothing at all to me, nothing if
at the expense of your beauty


Warten zum Gift

Ich blättere in meinem Tagebuch,
blättere in Versen mit und ohne Reim,
blättere, bis ich dich finde.
In heißen Winden, uraltem Atem,
den Tiefen der Seele höhlt die Distanz aus,
wird dieses Warten zum Gift,
zur Tragödie.
Weck mich bitte mit ein bisschen Traum,
einem Schritt Richtung Himmlischem.
In kalten Nächten
kehre zurück wie am Anfang der Anfänge.
Du bist Schmerz, mein Schmerz,
du, Liebe.


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Magnificent Winter / Hiver magnifique — WORDS IN THE LIGHT

The Soul is a gold leaf that dances and crumbles away as it falls from a tree on a grey November day. The Soul is a snowflake that shines in the white hugeness under the cold Winter sun of a magnificent Winter. The Soul is a bird that flies in the sky and can reach […]

Magnificent Winter / Hiver magnifique — WORDS IN THE LIGHT

La vérité est vraie quelle que soit la langue. Les âmes reconnaissent la parenté. La lumière cherche la lumière.


freedom and night

I have learned to fly
to swim, to leave the stones
I’ve collected, dropped
where they fall, and I have
learned not to care.

I stuffed sadness inside
seashells and set them off
to drift away to foreign shores

I have razed anger and misery
to the hardscrabble where it
belongs, so get thee behind me
I pray to the Lord that He
will come to collect my garbage

My wings are older than
your patience and upon my
wings, courage that
leads to madness and
back to redemption again,

The dove flies over a terrible
desert where bells ring out the
psalms of men


More beautiful than the winds.

More beautiful than the winds
Who by their silky back-and-forth
Weave hope into destiny;
And never has the hope launched
Any man’s wager as high
as the vital illusion Who rides his flight
on the wings of the vulture.

If death can fly for the sake of stealing,
is there anything that life,
for the sake of dying, could not do?



At the end of the old canal
directly opposite from the ocean
she stands, her eyes fixed on the horizon.

Though her pallor is eternal
widowhood, her dress is clear blue
Though heavy with worry
her clothing the dress of a girl

She keeps a patient vigil
from the moment the sea turns
in the morning, until the
reddened sunset, she stands
looking into the distance, every
dawn she watches the late star
turn off and every night the sun
sinking down, in this place
where the sail must reappear
she lives there, pale and fading

Affianced, immutable and faithful
always waiting, sure of shared hope,
loyal and losing nothing of it, in
the time since he left, nothing
has changed, wrapped in her shawl
sometimes sulking, sometimes pure
light trembling around her an aura
of ivory love and hovering always

She does not reveal her secrets,
everywhere in his absence
rests his eternal love and for her
alone in longing, surrounded by
a thousand faded objects, the old
guitars, are his.

© Ionwhite

Ionwhite Poetry:

I was accidentally for no reason logged out of my account, Ionwhitepoetry, right in the middle of customizing it!

I cannot remember the email account password to the email account I used to register Ionwhitepoetry and since I used Protonmail I’m unable to retrieve that password, due to protonmail’s unique security feature, I.e., either remember the password or lose the account.

I did try to recover my Ionwhitepoetry account but that was impossible since one must (apparently) have a premium wordpress in order to recover or reset a wordpress account and password.

It’s a little frustrating but perhaps for the best, starting over is what it is. Usually good things come from this though. I hope my followers will refollow me!