flowers, falling into you

Tears on hanging flowers,
Tears from lost sources
Tears of autumn spread,
Tears of horns heard
Tears of Latin bells,
Carmelites, Feuillantines …
Tears and Argentine songs
Florentine basins and garden rain
Tears of starry nights
tears of veiled flutes in
the blue sleeping dawns

Tears on long lashes, tears
of lovers poured into pearls
Tears of ecstasy’s delicious
weepings, falls and nights
of flowers, falling into you
and You, the sweetest river
of my tears for you, the richest
Tears of treasure dried empty
arms opening wide and big
reaching down into the
saddest dream of tears found
in the languid night seas



It was a grand castle lost to the time
of Louis thirteen, a sunset blushing
forever forgetting every window
in the distance transforming
into furnaces; only embered umber
remembering the roof disappearing
into sunking sunrays when

Before our eyes there stretched
ancient glories slaughtered and tossed
into the corners, covered by half coated
ivies; the water angels sitting on gray
pedestals in dreary winter, the sun
itself the marble fire upon them
resting on the big pond sleeping
in lonely lakes; reeds hiding
the water eating away at the earth

Sometimes wandering in forests
of regret like beautiful deer seeking our
hunters who each are alone until
Both angels and hunters, hands intertwineed
walking happy, proud silently treading
snow grasses, looks exchanged, mixing
as one each breath, each thought bursting
into eclipsed splendor as the sun descends
behind the horizon; Venus sighing
rising over us as night
falls silent and fading all histories


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In heißen Winden, uraltem Atem

I leaf through my diary
Leaf through verses with and without rhyme,
Scroll until I find you.
In hot winds, ancient breath,
The depths of the soul hollow out the distance,
This waiting for the poison,
For the tragedy.
Please wake me up with a dream,
A step towards the heavenly.
On cold nights
Returning as at the beginning of the beginnings.
You are pain, my pain,
You are love, my love.

© IONwhite

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she sips rainlight..

The rainbow always ready
always shining near
dazzling the rooftops, soft
rays of rain falling down
She sings in a low voice
humming while sewing

She sings the immense expanse
she sings to bring forth a vague
yet flowered future, and

His eyes are smiling, hands on hips
he watches from his distance
the woman he will make his own

She believes in her romance,
She believes in beauty,
She believes in harmony,
She feels infinite,
She sips the rainlight with
trembling lips

Because his eyes are always on
her from the distance
his eyes are always smiling

Sweet and full of the impossible,
She returns from work.
Lost and dreaming while walking
Inside her invisible music.


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Sie liebten sich beide

I came from the source of joy
I entered the source of night
I walked across hard gravels
until I reached the green meadows

I carry with me inside my heart
mountains ringing out concerts
Nests of love shaded inside crevices
I come from the Light sources
of joy, the bubbling springs of joy
walking fast and without sway;

Towards the work of God, towards
the winter sun, toward the
spreading moor, towards the
high brooms and hedges, towards
the fresh rocks, towards the shadow
of oaks and towards him who waits
I have come to love




Your beauty seems just the same;
let the cold winters’ passing strip
the leaves off your proud summers,
the beautiful springs turning
to yellow autumns in the course
of Nature’s advancing Aprils
full of perfumed flowers burning
up hot Junes, all running away

From the day I first saw you,
I knew I had loved you forever
upon first glancing – You still today as fresh as then,
my eternal soul stopping to bend before you,
still fresh and green —-

Life’s hand is a clock wiping away youth;
yet still his hand stops to rest upon your cheek —
stopping to move so slowly that no one
can see the time eroding.

In this way your beauty stands still while
ever changing and though my eyes may be deceived,
I love you still as if You are forever young.
Because, before you were born, the greatest examples
of Timeless Beauty were already dead.


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