La tristesse durera toujours

Dressed up in silk and gold
Beautiful demons dance,
teenage satans sing a waltz
to the Seven Sins of their five senses.

It’s the feast of the Seven Sins:
how beautiful they are! All
desire shining from their
brutal eyes, appetites sated are the
quickened sand that they harness
with lusts pouring over
their lives like pink wines
into crystal goblets

Dancing rhythms gently interrupted
by the beauty of voiceless men, their
moans unfolding, throbbing like waves
through the cosmos of lust
as the Light that was leaving them,
grew so powerful and charming that
around them all, the countryside of God
was blooming with holy roses and diamonds
in the grass;

In vain the demon party danced
In vain the satans, her brothers and sisters
failed to grab her away from the Light;

She has resisted all hugs, and her sorrow
becomes a black butterfly branded to
her forehead, burning with jewels;

La tristesse durera toujours..


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