torche de dieu

Do you see him? There
From the high tower with a torch in hand?

What does he say in his deep, tender voice?
The torch falling from his outstretched hand,
‘Oh, I will be the One who will create your god!
The fires howling around me, rising flames
a huge quarreling of red eagles flying through
the black and swirling smoke and wind

The god melts gold that flows around my
marble body, a blazing splendor and ardor
silken short shivers bursting and all the
the dying demons sing to the flaming
having understood that he is the One; he
is my god; my cries singing into the air
my hurricane soul rising, resigning

And he, proud god, over me the crossed
arms of a king, his glancing eye opening up the
sky reaching the furnace of all Light
whispering prayers, my own prayerful
Being: Has ever a woman died from singing?

Refusing my sacrifice, he assured me
without difficulty that it was
all just a mischief and artifice used to
strip my pride of its lies.


Image result for the handwriting of god en fracais images"
Image result for the handwriting of god en fracais images"

4 thoughts on “torche de dieu

  1. Poignant read….and you left us all wondering….who is THE GOD.. and I’m not asking you to answer…I think the mystery and that not being answered is something I need to learn from in my writing.. SOMETIMES THE POWER IS THE GRIP IS NOT KNOWING THE ANSWERS.

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