libertas est aeternitas

I long for God’s breath upon
my freezing skin, through that
expensive kiss my desires are curbed
I even hear the shadows crossing
the face of my dismissing muse:

He says: ” The gods fall through the god,
But the lovers blossom through the goddess. –
Praise to the daughter! “

His spear glistening – the sun passing
His smile gives light.
And he sees through the rising star,
His Love flies through my heart
Where the song of gold resounds.

My tears fall on the the pearls of heaven
The swaying meadows of silver shiver
When he walks by – And my tears rain
as shifting drops of pearls, my eyes
so blind, my heart so in love

He took me back to life and
Made my body radiant with Life
My fears he banished and my death
is a diamond in his crown

So praise my fate!
I long for the sweet kisses of
God’s breaths, I turn all bitterness
into nectar to offer my beloved

‘Freedom is Eternity,’ He breathes
And I sing an intoxicated song of Light
Because that is really what I wanted
The freedom to rest my head forever..


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i grew to love him.

In seiner Vorstellung
ich war eine Wahr und eine Lüge.
ich wurde in die transplantiert
reicher gegorener Boden seiner Ideale
und dort habe ich gelernt, ihn zu lieben
leidenschaftlich und ohne angst

In his imagination
I was a truth and a lie.
I was transplanted into the
rich fermented soil of his ideals
and there I grew to love him
passionately and without fear


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these Endless Wars

Dusk, it is calm tonight, but
in the air the smell of war floats
yet, sleeping nature, infinitely sweet,
and in my heart, something sobs.

It looks like the evening is full of caresses,
The flowers go to sleep to dream
of the morning bird Who comes to give
them his tenderness and kisses, the trees
in the garden shiver in the passing wind,
and butterflies which seemed so joyful have
dropped closed their golden wings,
falling to ground, between frail branches
the fearful rising moon turns paler than ever,
uncertain evenings are daily occurences now,
and though hardened my heart flinches
as I pray for those men I love who
are not here but who are over
there, where the war is.

And slowly I feel my failing being,
falling into the middle of the
perfumes of flowers and war, in
my convicted stubbornness I look for what is
no longer there, so despite the
road that continues there is no
road to peace here, even if we
ignore forever the sense of travel
and advancement, in the silence
of my tongue I’m talking to you
about a world where we try to
keep the lamp on, where we’re
always walking, always seeing the
balance between light and darkness
between war and it’s peace, and
though hardened my heart flinches
as I pray for those men I love who
are not here but are over there,
where the war is.