libertas est aeternitas

I long for God’s breath upon
my freezing skin, through that
expensive kiss my desires are curbed
I even hear the shadows crossing
the face of my dismissing muse:

He says: ” The gods fall through the god,
But the lovers blossom through the goddess. –
Praise to the daughter! “

His spear glistening – the sun passing
His smile gives light.
And he sees through the rising star,
His Love flies through my heart
Where the song of gold resounds.

My tears fall on the the pearls of heaven
The swaying meadows of silver shiver
When he walks by – And my tears rain
as shifting drops of pearls, my eyes
so blind, my heart so in love

He took me back to life and
Made my body radiant with Life
My fears he banished and my death
is a diamond in his crown

So praise my fate!
I long for the sweet kisses of
God’s breaths, I turn all bitterness
into nectar to offer my beloved

‘Freedom is Eternity,’ He breathes
And I sing an intoxicated song of Light
Because that is really what I wanted
The freedom to rest my head forever..


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