Bride to Your Light

In my vision, I saw Nature again, my Lord
I saw Nature at her beginning singing her
song opening up my ears with the sounds
of branches, waters, breezes and bees
And Life everywhere springing from this
brown and green, lush and harsh earth

Nature, I know her eternal trap:
Strong by beauty, humble by silence, She
waits for us to start again and again in
our immense obeying to Your universal goal.

Your indiscernible Love makes a furtive call
“I am Here” and suddenly I’m rounded
by the swarming scent of sweet boxwood and .
everything swells and cracks with a slight noise,
Resin in the sun; The wind, at the top of the trees,
All Nature is of Himself, You, the God, myself the
slight Bride to Your Light, Your hands steady on my
shoulders, this healthy and chaste passion,
My body and soul, a nest to carry the living
Among this whirlwind of seeds and swarms,
Nature need not allow charnel, straying evil
Yet You, great King, add the mixture of acrid
acid lustings among the spring leaven;
the desire for a more divine love
than human delusion can repair


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4 thoughts on “Bride to Your Light

  1. Yes, God does seem to ordain sensuality alongside the purity, especially in the springtime. It’s a complex condition we have to live with. It gets a little easier with age and experience, however.

    Nice poem, Ion.

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