because your eyes have seen me

The curve of your laughter
draped around my heart,
dancing and sweet the halo
of time resting and safe,
so safe that I no longer
remember all that I know;
your eyes see me in the day
dancing with the falling leaves

At night you are my halo ring
the moon among the dews upon
the soul of time, a night cradle
and safe because your eyes see me
I become the wind in the reeds,
the fragance of the bees’ honeys

Your Mithra wings covering
the world in light
extending over the sky,
the sea and all skies and seas
because your eyes have seen
me I become the source of all
colors, and fragrances hatched
in brooding aurorae nestled in
the straws of the stars, and now
I know how each day depends
on innocence, the whole world
depends on our pure eyes and
all of our blood flowing
into the seeing of this world

© Ionwhite


Rob’s dream is so intense that I shivered upon reading


I dreamed I went back in search of four bass guitars I once owned that were my favorites. All but one were black, the other red. I was moving north on River Road, with Grocery Outlet on my left, searching for and recovering lost instruments and lost time. N—— from church was in the dream. It’s interesting how people we underestimate in daily life appear in our dreams, as fresh and vibrant as if holy and heroic. River Road itself appeared green with life and sunshine. The scene at the intersection of that and Silver Lane was nimbused or haloed with spiritual energy, like the circle around the full moon, except more like the sun’s corona. There was a glowing aura about everything, all green and yellow like a sunlit lawn in the summer. And there was I, trying to recollect the pieces of my broken life, when maybe the…

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