We Are All Made of Stars

My heart was tired of finding no one,
My eyes were tired of being disappointed.

One night, I wandered, thoughtful and dreaming
through sleeping plains; in the distance, snowfalling
on red horizons before the growing dawn,

In the shadows, I was slowly stripping away
memories of my loves, and when I was done,
I looked behind at what remained when
suddenly, I saw Him, calmly and serenely
walking slowly, weariness enveloping Him

I saw Him.. He came to me.. reaching out
His arms, hugging me; His eyes closed as if
to see further than reality, He spoke to beg me
“Let me see your blue eyes in the night”

Silver stars rose from the earth …
They say there are skies under which no
man can live, but I never saw them when
He smiled, He loved the azure of my eyes,
and nothing in the world was ever more
intense than this.


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