Her train of Stars

Jeanne D’Arc

The demon of mockery
dragged you into the dust
to defile the noblest
image of humanity.

The spirit of this world
is eternally at war with
all that is beautiful
all that is good and great:
it does not believe in God
or in celestial spirits,
it wants to steal from the
heart all its treasures,
as it destroys all beliefs
by attacking all illusions.

But poetry, of humble birth
like you, is also
a pious shepherdess;
She covers you with all
the privileges of her divinity,
she surrounds you with
a procession of stars, and
spreads her glory around you …

O you that God’s heart made
you will live immortal!

The world likes to obscure
everything that shines,
to cover everything
that rises with it’s mire.
But fear nothing!

There are still good hearts
which quiver with sublime
and generous actions;
Momus delights the multitude,
a noble spirit cherishes
only noble things.



8 thoughts on “Her train of Stars

      1. Wunderbar, von Max zu hören. Bitte senden Sie meine Liebe. Ich denke auch oft an dich. So schreckliche Zeiten. Unbeschreiblich. Email oder ruf mich irgendwann an.

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      1. Oh dear, that’s not good! But I’m very glad that you have recovered enough to write again. You are the first person I know who has had the virus. My attitude regarding the lockdown is different now. Take care of yourself, don’t overdo things. Best wishes for your health. Robert

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