radiant prisoner

I belong to the tribe of those
who dwell in radiant darklight dawn,
Nights and days with eyes open
under the unbearable blinking
of the sun, watching
for signals in the sky,

The shadows of a dozen
dazzling eclipses on the face of time,
the whitelit thunderings from God
raging against a painted planet’s eyelashes

I’m on fire, I am reduced to ashes
The blooded bird takes her flight
disappearing inside a skylit ring
worn on the hand that paints the soft
grains in between light and darkness:
I live inside the eyes of a world
the eyes of a world where a man
takes no prisoners when he dreams.

© Ionwhite

5 thoughts on “radiant prisoner

  1. I like this because it makes me move quickly, oscillate between the literal and the dream world.
    I’m a skywatcher, one of the main reasons I moved a couple years ago to where I live now is I can see the sky, and I’m surrounded by openness. I can appreciate the mathematical precision of the astronomer, the science, but the feeling I seek is much closer to magic, to see and feel the edge of reality and time, the edge between light and darkness, the “soft grains” captures the feeling very well! I like the reference to a tribe, because I don’t think most people seek this. The imagery conjures the feeling of infinity in the smallest things, and all the hours I just watch, even when I’m working I’m aware of it, even when I’m inside something inside me is watching, just waiting, and I’m not even sure what it is I’m watching and waiting for. I just know it’s there. I suppose I do live in the eyes of a world, one of my own, but somehow all I see is a woman I love, but don’t even know except in visions and dreams. How can you take someone prisoner in your dreams when they have already captured your dreams? And what if all you really want is for them to be free because you know you have no right to claim them, no matter how much you wish you did?
    Maybe if I read this poem a thousand more times, and thought about it for a thousand years I would know how to say what I really feel?

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    1. Thank you for this reply! Yes, seeking infinity is something that I can only find by looking up – day sky or night sky, doesn’t matter – look upward and there is the infinity, at least as close as we are going to get to it while we’re alive. And, yes, always there is the other, the lover, the one we seek and somehow know they also are looking for infinity. Maybe that’s what love is.


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